A fun photo

Here is a fun photo taken by Michael Rose.  We came across this tree on our hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest.  Our guide, Alvin, added the leaf tongue.


We are at the beach!

Kayla Carter shared a few photos with me today.  The first two show Kayla at La Finca de Bella, posing with some bananas and then helping to push the sugar cane through the trapiche.  The third photo down shows Kayla in front of a beautiful vista on the way up to the UGA-CR campus.  The final photo shows Kayla on the beach today- she’s been looking forward to getting to the beach the whole trip!  You can look forward to seeing some pictures of the surfing lessons we took today soon.

Constructing the natural bench

Here are some photos from our time in the Pacific Slope Trail when we were constructing the natural bench.  The first photo is a group shot of everyone sitting on the bench after we had finished building it.  Below that is a shot when the bench was under construction.  The third photo down shows Lee lugging a nice flat rock up to the bench.  Below Lee is Jerry working on the bench.  Below Jerry are Thomas and Joe.  They built a rock lounge chair to go with the bench.  Finally, the last photo shows Danielle trying out one of the stone seats we built near the bench.

Our final day at UGA-CR

Today is our final day on the campus of UGA-CR.  It’s hard to believe that a whole week has passed since we arrived here!  We have really enjoyed our stay (rain and wind and all) and observing the unique natural setting of the area.  We learned quickly how friendly the Tico people are, opening their homes to us on several occasions throughout our stay.  Today, we said good-bye to Evelio, our bus driver who brought us to UGA-CR and who has driven us to many of the activities that we participated in while we were here.  We were all surprised at the kinds of roads Evelio was willing to drive on with his van- I know there were several students who were very thankful to see him driving up the trail at the end of our hike yesterday!  Below is a group photo with Evelio followed by one with Evelio and Lee shaking hands.

Photos from the Pacific Slope Trail

Here are some photos, taken by Lee Crocker, from our hike along the Pacific Slope Trail.  The first photo shows Drew enjoying a pleasant rest stop about two-thirds of they way along our hike.  The second photo shows Ben descending a steep part of the trail.  The third photo down shows Michael Irish with a backdrop of the Nicoya Gulf and Nicoya Peninsula.  Beneath Michael is a photo of some of the  farm landscape that we passed along the trail.  The final photo shows the lodge that is under construction where we had lunch and helped build the stone bench.