Service Project at La Finca de Bella

Mike Irish shared this photo with me today.  It’s from when we were at La Finca de Bella.  This is an “after” photo…unfortunately, we forgot to take the “before” photo!  Our group weeded this whole section of garden (it’s bigger than it looks and it was covered in really large weeds!).  We did it to help Elisa, who owns a 6 acre area within La Finca de Bella.  Unfortunately, Elisa lost her husband to cancer a couple of years ago and is working hard to raise her three kids while she maintains the farm.  The weeding would have taken her a couple of days to do.  With everyone helping, our group was able to accomplish it in an hour.  Elisa was going to let us off the hook when we showed up at her farm.  It was rainy and windy and she didn’t think it was a very good day for us to work- but we insisted in helping!  In the picture, we are showing our muddy hands after we finished our work.


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