Join us for Dinner on Wed 11/30

Lee Crocker and Becky Norton will be in the dining hall on Wed, Nov 30 from 5:30-6:30 PM and invite students who will be going on the Costa Rica J-term to join us for dinner.  It will be an opportunity to meet others in the Costa Rica group and ask any questions that you might have about getting ready for the trip.

Group Flight Information


*If you are not taking the group flight, it is your responsibility to confirm
alternative plans with your Program Director.

Your group will meet at Newark, NJ airport in front of the United Airline ticketing counter at 1:30PM on Monday, January 2nd — DO NOT GO THROUGH SECURITY BEFORE MEETING THE GROUP.  Your group will be departing at 4:30PM on United flight 1222.  This non-stop flight is due to arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica at 8:55PM.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAPER TICKET IN ADVANCE, BUT WILL RECEIVE A TICKET UPON CHECK-IN.

Your group is scheduled to leave Liberia, Costa Rica on Friday, January 20th at 2:05PM on United flight 1446.  This non-stop flight is due to get you back to Newark at 8:05PM.

SHUTTLE FROM LANDMARK COLLEGE T0-FROM THE AIRPORT                                         There will be a Landmark shuttle to the airport timed with your flight outbound flight.  The shuttle will leave from in front of the Click Sports Center at 9:00AM.

There will be Landmark shuttle back to campus from Newark on the 20th.

If you are interested in riding on this shuttle you MUST make arrangements with your Program Director in advance.

If you have in-transit travel issues, please be into touch with Becky Norton, your Program Director on her cell at (774) 238-0218.  In an emergency, please call Landmark College Security (24-Hour) 802-387-6899.


Flight Details

Here are the flight details for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica:

We will be departing at 4:30 PM on Monday, Jan 2, 2017 from Newark, NJ and arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica at 8:55 PM.

On Friday, Jan 20, 2017, we will be departing at 2:05 PM from the airport in Liberia, Costa Rica and arriving back in Newark at 8:05 PM.

There will be a shuttle from Landmark College to Newark on the morning of Jan 2 and from Newark back to Landmark on Jan 20.  More details about the shuttle to follow.